Monday, May 7, 2012

In Which I Realize Interesting Connections

Well, ANASTASIA FOREVER arcs have been seeping into the world since TLA. But not everyone got to go to TLA. So tomorrow, I'll be doing a giveaway of an advanced reading copy, so spread the word! I can hardly believe that it's now less than three months until the book is finally here on August 1st.

In other news, here's something I realized the other day: I am currently writing books for both Sourcebooks and Soho Press. Both of my publishers are strong, creative women. Dominique Raccah at Sourcebooks is a keen analyst of publishing and the move to digital.  Bronwen Hruska, my delightful and brilliant publisher at Soho Press was recently lauded in Publisher's Weekly for her own keen eye since taking the helm in 2010. Two independent houses. Both run by women. Both allowing me to write stories with strong female characters.

At both houses, my publicists are from Houston (where I live) but now live and work in NYC. Pretty cool, huh?

I love those moments when some weird and interesting synchronicity occurs. Here's another one: when I graduated from Northwestern, my first job teaching English was at a high school in Naperville, IL. Fast forward a few years and there I was again, with Sourcebooks, a publisher located in Naperville, IL, now offering to publish my first book. The odds seem astronomical, but there you go.

This happens to me frequently, actually. I'll meet someone and realize some strange connection, some person or event or place we have in common that seems surfacely impossible and yet...

How about you? Any moments of synchronicity in your world?

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Dotti said...

Fantastic, Joy! And you have that whole Kevin Bacon thing going on, but at the first degree.