Monday, October 5, 2009

Talking about Ethan and agents and editors with the Girl Scouts

Dreaming Anastasia, the Girl Scouts, their leaders, and me
What a great time I had yesterday afternoon! I'd been asked to meet with a local senior Girl Scout troop to help them earn patches having to do with storytelling and reading. So that is what I did - and had a blast talking about Ethan (I told them that one reviewer had mentioned that E was always pushing that thick hair of his off his forehead and they began to giggle. "That's what guys do," one girl said. "Always.") and Anne and Tess (they loved Tess's over use of "wicked") and even Baba Yaga. We also talked about what agents do and how authors earn money and how many people it takes to create a book and promote a book. (editors, copy editors, cover artists, agent, publicists... it was a longer list than some had suspected. )

Almost two hours later, we took a few pics, I signed some books for them, raffled off a poster, gave out some book marks and went on my way. This was the first all girl group that I'd spoken to and that was fun, too. Dreaming Anastasia is, after all, a fun read for girls and it is also a book with strong female characters so that part was special as well. They had such great questions - about process and inspiration, about the craft of writing, even about the history aspects of the novel and what was real and what was alternate history.
I'm delighted they invited me!

Til next time...

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Taschima Cullen said...

I so want to learn about being an editor, but no one will answer my questions :(