Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Seven

Yes I know, dreadfully uncreative blog title. You win some...
And before we get started, check out my swag from Jackson Pearce - a little mini version of Sisters Red! Cool. Plus there's tattoos! Book's now on my must read list!

    • Excitedly awaiting my HAUNTED line edits. Sometime at the end of next week, I think. Then back into revision cave I go.

    • Really excitedly awaiting the end of this 2 weeks of low iodine diet and thyroid med withdrawal. Cause that means two things: 1. I get to have my radioactive iodine and move another step closer to kicking thyroid cancer's ugly, ugly ass. 2. I can have a latte. (No iodine diet, for the uninitiated, includes removing many things, including: fish, dairy, egg yolks, soy, beans, rhubarb (okay, no great loss there), iodized flour and thus all processed or not made in my own kitchen baked goods, and of course, salt - at least in its iodized form. Oh and rice, too. And potato skins. Alcholol is just peachy keen fine. But w/no metabolism one dare not indulge beyond the 1/4 glass of chardonnay. Let us just say that I've become a fan of oatmeal and unsalted almond butter.)

    • About 3/4 through Beautiful Creatures. I'm definitely enjoying the read. Quick, fun, engaging. Liking the whole Casters mythology that Kami Garci and Margaret Stohl have created. And fascinated by the fact that they co-authored a book of this size! But it's definitely a less edgy read than I thought it was going to be. Not sure why I thought that - the cover maybe? But I definitely had this pegged for sexy/edgy/dark. But it really isn't, yet - one character aside. Still, kudos, ladies! (I had to read - the Amazon people keep telling me that people buy DA & Shiver & Beautiful Creatures together. Now I know - who really understands what this means? Not I. But the power of Jeff Bezos compelled me!)
    • Ordered cupcakes for the bridal shower I'm co-hosting today. Used a new place here in the 'burbs called Frost. Definitely set up with the whole Sprinkles vibe when you walk in. I'll let you know how it goes. I will have to judge by other standards than taste. Cupcakes are currently on my no no list. (okay, I tasted four flavors when I ordered them. They honestly weren't as good as Sprinkles or Magnolia Bakery but they were still sufficiently nummy.

    • Getting together my interview with Janet Fox and my review of Faithful.

    • Sick and sad over the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. But here's the deal: It's not going to stop spewing until the two relief wells are finished. So stop pretending it is. I just wish BP would say that.
    • Til then - go get yourself a copy of JT Dutton's Stranded! It released this week.


    Anonymous said...

    Glad you are kicking some ass and soon off your "diet".

    Freeze yourself a cupcake for when you can have one again!

    Good luck with line edits

    JE (Janet)

    Kim said...

    Next time you need cupcakes - call Amanda!!! Hers are seriously yummy!!!