Thursday, July 22, 2010

And the winner is....

Well, you all had the contest hat quite stumped! So many thoughtful responses and so much fab fairy tale love. That, coupled w/my celebratory mood in having FINALLY finished my HAUNTED line edits today - has resulted in one winner and two runners up! Yay!! So- drum roll please!

Our two runners up, who will be receiving Dreaming Anastasia and HAUNTED bookmarks, are:

Lynsey Newton - who won my fancy w/ her British spelling of favourite plus her comment about how she loved that in Beauty and the Beast, Belle fell in love w/the beast despite his looks. Way to look beneath the surface, Lynsey.

Jennie Smith - who deserves props for publically fessing up to having stolen Rumplestiltskin from her school library 20 years ago!! And for giving her dad props for doing character voices.

And our grand prize winner, who will receive the signed copy of Dreaming Anastasia, both sets of bookmarks and DA postcards, is :

Jessica - who wrote a delightful thesis on fairy tales - Grimm and others vs. Disney - and who knew that in the original Snow White, the evil queen's punishment is to dance to her death in red hot slippers and in the original Cinderella, the crummy stepsisters try to fit into the glass slipper by cutting off toes and heels of their feet. Serious ick! (Does anyone remember - I think it's the original Sleeping Beauty - the evil queen there gets dragged through the streets after having been stuffed naked into a barrel studded with nails? Seriously - there's some fairy tale that ends that way)

But in any case - YAY!!! Jessica and congrats to Lynsey and Jennie too.

To collect your prizes, please email me at joy at joypreble dot com and let me know your mailing addresses and I will send!

As for HAUNTED, it's headed into copy edits now. Soon it will be in advanced reading copy form. I am profoundly grateful and excited.

Til next time...


Martina Boone said...

Congrats for getting HAUNTED to the copyeditor. And congrats to all the winners!

Unknown said...

Yeah!! Thanks so much... and yes, I still have it on my shelf at home. Every time I see my elementary school librarian she laughs at me because she knows that I stole it. I guess that is why I try not to get mad when my students steal my books out of my classroom. They must love the books!! Thanks again!!