Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's My Favorite Day of the Year

Yup. That extra hour of sleep. Waking up this morning before 7 and still feeling rested. Yahoo, I say. (of course, I spent my entire extra hour grading papers but whatever)

Getting ready for NCTE in Orlando. I am in deep love with my panel's topic: "The Other Happily Ever After: Transforming and Emp[owering Readers Through a Re-Tooling of the Female Hero Journey." Our roundtable topics will be: Boys, Sex and Other Bumps in the Journey; Happily Ever After Endings vs. Stronger After Ending Journeys; Strength via spiritual and emotional journeys in addition to the physical; Recognizing, Trusting and Empowering the Younger Female Hero's Journey.

I guess the NCTE folks thought it all sounded nifty, too; they listed us in the Sunday Highlights of sessions in the Council Chronicle mag that I received. In any case, if you're at the conference, come see us in the ballroom from 1 - 2:45 on Sunday 11/21. (me, Danielle Joseph, Janet Fox, Jen Dutton, Cheryl Herbsman, Lauren Bjorkman, Rosanne Parry, Sydney Salter, Edie Hemingway) And on Saturday 11/20 at 2PM, I'll be signing HAUNTED arcs! Possibly a bunch of them. Possibly giving away bookmarks.

Speaking of HAUNTED - methinks that I need to come up with an ARC giveaway. So be watching for that. I'll probably wait til after Thanksgiving, so that I can come up with a really great contest idea. Some kind of fabulolus holiday swagilicious package. Sounds good, right? So who would be interested in that?

And oh! Reading Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall. I am in love with this book. It is emotionally wrenching. Took me a bit to get into to it; the main character is at first largely unlikeable. Mean, shallow and far too real for comfort. But this doesn't last. Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day. But a lot more than that. And such spot on characterization that I'm in awe. The layers keep peeling back in this one. Brilliant.

Til next time, my dearies.


Kari said...

Oh, I would so love a fantabulous swagalious contest! I have been dying for Haunted to come out, and it'd be totally awesome to win an ARC

Dave said...

"The Other Happily Ever After: Transforming and Emp[owering Readers Through a Re-Tooling of the Female Hero Journey." I'm not so sure the female's (heroine's) journey is all that different from the male's (hero's). Kal Bashir has done a good job of translating it over at and he mentions the female vs the male in his posts and videos.

Lisa and Laura said...

BEFORE I FALL was one of my favorite books this year. I think I hated the MC so much at first because I was so much like her in high school. Ugh.

Have you read THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE? If not, you've got to read that one next. You'll love it.

Joy said...

It's on my list to read. Been on my list since I met Jandy at TLA last April.

And yes - Sam in Before I Fall! She is so real it hurts.

kaye said...

That would've been interesting. That was a great idea to come up with that contest!