Monday, April 11, 2011

Amazeballs: Or How Much I loved Houston Teen Book Con

Houston Teen Book Con was this past Saturday at Alief Taylor High School. If you weren't there, you missed the time of your life! Deb Caletti gave a moving key note about her love of books. The school was filled with librarians and students and readers of all sorts and stripes. 21 authors and graphic novelists hung out and chatted about books and reading and why we write and how we write and stuff we love. The ladies of Blue Willow - Girl Boss Valerie Koehler and the indomitable Cathy Berner, who has championed me and my books more times than I probably deserve - created the most wonderful event ever. A squadron of volunteers and librarians and the amazing Lisa Stultz made sure it all went smoothly. Plus there was ice cream. (which I didn't get cause I was signing. But that's okay!)

I will be flying high from this for days to come. My co-panelists -Rachel Hawkins, Saundra Mitchell, Stacey Kade, Andrea Cremer - you all rocked my world. Seriously - I love these women!! And Ben the Armadillo. I love Ben, too.

Okay folks. Gotta grade research papers. Gotta pack up for TLA. Gotta write book 3. Next time I'll tell you about SCBWI and my lovely editor Leah Hultenschmidt - who I got to meet in person this weekend! Very cool.

Come to the Sourcebooks booth on Thursday at 10 AM. I'll sign a book for you. Haunted or Dreaming Anastasia! Plus there'll be chocolate. But only if you get there early!

til next time...


Cari said...

It was such a great event! I hope to see you at TLA.

Heather said...

It truly was an amazing event! Glad to see you there. We went to your panel twice!

Joy Preble said...

Twice! Awesome! What's fun is that we talked about diff stuff each time - or at least in diff ways. And the audience energy was, well, "amazeballs!" :)