Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Counting Down and Other Tuesday Stuff plus t shirts!

So the countdown to ANASTASIA FOREVER has begun. Less than a month until 8/7. Book 3 enters the world. Time to celebrate!

Please come on over to Blue Willow Books in Houston on Memorial at Dairy Ashford on 8/11 at 2 PM for the book launch. For full info click here.  There will be yummy cupcakes baked by my friend Amanda. And some of my Anastasia Street Team members will be there wearing these:
Yeah, I know -- they're amazing! Thank you Webb Uniforms for helping me create the kick-butt ANASTASIA FOREVER tees!

And I will be giving away at least one more .... okay maybe two... at the launch event!

Maybe I'll even give away one on this blog.... maybe I'll give an entire ANASTASIA FOREVER gift pack in August... hint... hint...

Other stuff:

  • Excited to be doing writing workshops/author appearances at two libraries:
  • I'll be at Huntsville Public Library this Thursday 7/12 at 4:30!

And I'll be at Bay City Public Library on 7/26 most of the afternoon for their 100th anniversary celebration!

If you are in either of these areas, please come on by.

Reading GONE GIRL right now by Gillian Flynn.... oh my! When both narrators are clearly unreliable, it's a mind -f--- of wonderful proportions. Another book that I was fortunate to snag at BEA and it's signed! And its deliciously dark. Oh yeah.

Last night on the way home from SCBWI meeting, the fabulous Kristin Rae (aka -KristinCreative) caught me up to speed on the wonderful world of K-Pop. So yes, the drive home from Houston goes faster when you're caffeine up on Coke Zero and listening to Korean Pop bands on her iPhone. Seems there are Korean dramas I can watch, too -- with subtitles. So who else knows about this? I sense a new addiction coming on.... which is scary because Top Chef Master is about to return. And I'm not all caught up yet with Lost Girl season 2. And yes, I'm hanging in there with Bunheads. Plus Awkward Season 2 and then there's Teen Wolf... and the train wreck that is the RHONY....

But okay - go ahead and scream at me: We rented The Artist and while it is definitely a party trick, I kept dozing off, waking up to comment: This is like A Star is Born, yeah? Wait! Didn't wasn't that scene in Citizen Kane? Hey there! Didn't this all get covered in Sunset Boulevard. (Yes, I'm film literate-ish) Anyone?

Excited for SCBWI LA which is coming up soon!

And mostly today, I'm excited that Annie and Augie are back tonight on Covert Affairs.
Yeah, I'm kinda addicted.

But until then it's back to work on the WIP. Not telling about it quite yet. Just a couple words: Mystery. Vegas. Elvis. Okay that was three words.

Til next time...

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Kristin Rae said...

Very cool T-shirt!!!

I actually just rented The Artist a couple days ago too, and I was bored. I finished it, and the ending was sort of cool, but I guess I expected more from a movie that had so much hype. (I'm not as film literate as you to catch all the similarities). I also just watched Midnight in Paris which I found to be super slow and I didn't really care for any of the characters (which is a problem in a movie!). Hoping I pick a good movie soon!