Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Five

1. Excited to give a keynote tomorrow at East Texas Book Fest at UT Tyler in Tyler Texas. What I am not excited about: My paranoia about how many back up pieces of technology to bring. Here is the conversation in my head: So if there aren't cords for the Mac then I should bring the flash drive but what if that doesn't work or I lose it and maybe I should print the whole thing out just in case and what if there is a power outage... Yeah, I'm that ridiculous.
2. Gallery Girls just keeps getting better and better and better. I love you Bravo. Yup. I do. There needs to be a drinking game for how many times in each ep Maggie twirls her hair or disses Brooklyn or Angela uses a certain word that starts with a 'p' to talk about a certain part of her anatomy or each time Chantal lacks a worth ethic or Claudia look sad and horrified, possibly because she has learned that people actually live in farflung places like Long Island. We would all need a 12 step program in no time!
3. I have exciting secret news. Hopefully I can share it soon.
4. There is Pinkberry at our mall now and I like it almost as much as I like Gallery Girls. (who would probably never eat at Pinkberry unless they were doing it ironically. Chantal, you are missing out. A small cup of peanut butter with blueberries and little hazelnut cookie pieces and then some actual hazelnuts. Sigh. Yes, I know it is no longer 'healthy.' Whatever.
5. It seems that I have a Texas travel schedule now for ANASTASIA FOREVER and I will share all the details soon once my publisher sends me the itinerary, but I am starting at the Barnes and Noble in Hurst on 10/16 and proceeding to Round Rock/Austin for school visits and another B&N on 10/18 and then to San Antonio for more school visits and an event through Twig Book Store on Saturday 10/20.  If you are in other states, well, you'll just have to move here or else take up a collection.

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Darn you for living so far away :( I want to come to all the random book stuff!!!