Monday, December 3, 2012

And the Winner of my bonus #YASH giveaway is....

Thank you all for participating in the December 2012 YA SCAVENGER HUNT!! I love these hunts because we ALL get the latest exclusive tidbits about 50 or more amazing books by amazing authors. My TBR list has grown immensely and I know yours has, too!

In addition to the book I've donated for the #YASH prize, I did my own giveaway for a full signed set of the DREAMING ANASTASIA series.

Although I would love to give all of you (close to 200!) the prize, the contest hat has chosen one lucky winner. And that winner is ELLA! I will email Ella and let her know. Feel free to tell her congrats!

I'm feeling very sentimental about the DREAMING series right now because not only is it complete, but I know that when the year turns, I'll have to turn my attentions to THE SWEET DEAD LIFE, which is my new series coming out in May from Soho Press. But until then it's fun to linger with Anne and Ethan and Baba Yaga and of course, Anastasia herself. Just found this review today, from a reader new to the series. And I love that she enjoyed how Anne reacts when she first meets Ethan. Because she's right - it's a departure for the paranormal 'girl meets guy who is older than he looks' genre. Anne does not immediately go all swoony. In fact she does the opposite. It's always nice when someone notices something like that. Here's the review I'm talking about: 

Up tomorrow: My interview with author Janet Fox about her new YA -- SIRENS.
You won't want to miss it.

Coming soon: More about THE SWEET DEAD LIFE and the new SOHO TEEN imprint.

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