Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three for Tuesday: Vinyl, Dr Pepper, and True Detectives

Midway through June and I finally purchased my summer pool pass. Now let's see how many times I use it! And with that bit of info imparted, let's move on to the Tuesday Three!

1. So vinyl! It's a thing again. Prodigal son just purchased a turntable and has cast longing glances at our various LPs. (for those of you unschooled in the clearly hipster return to vinyl cause it has an enormously better quality of sound movement-- LP stands (I think) for long play and in any case means a big size record. As opposed to the little records called 45s. So yeah. Finally I'm ahead of a trend! Let me confess here, that I am so rarely ahead of trends that I can actually keep track of the ones I managed to beat: To whit-- I began ordering mojitos (which have come and gone at this point) long before they were a thing. (Don't laugh. I am the woman who once very famously announced, "Beanie babies? Who would want that?" Followed by a similar pronouncement about Tickle me Elmo" If you are too young to remember the 90s, look it up.) Anyway, vinyl. The sound really is better. You get to enjoy the album cover and read the liner notes and get a real sense of why the musician chose to put the songs in a particular order. And it's back. Even at Target.

2. According to my lovely agent, copyeditors are the unsung heroes of publishing and I do believe this is very true. Have just finished going through the fully copy edited manuscript of FINDING PARIS and have been fully schooled on the glory that is the Chicago Style Manual. I'm an English major and English and writing teacher, so it's not like I didn't know. But I'm a lazy academic and writing a 300 page novel is different than writing research papers or articles for English journal. And in any case, I recently learned that there is no period after the Dr in Dr Pepper! So now you know, too! Although according to Wikipedia, the period used to be there and was discarded in the 50s for 'stylistic reasons.' I also learned that my trip to Vegas to vet this book went to good use. I believe the exact phrase in the comment section was "author knows her Vegas!" Now I need to write a book where someday I can read the CE phrase, "Author knows her Paris!"

3. The Hubs and I have discovered True Detective. Or rather, we finally carved out some time to semi-binge watch the 8 eps. Sad. Atmospheric. Violent. Brilliantly acted. If you get a chance, let me know what you think. Matthew Mcconaughey  and Woody Harrelson are phenomenal. Their characters are layered and troubled and the mystery their uncovering in rural Louisiana and Texas is chilling and awful. I don't know where this could go for a second season, but we're six eps into this original round.

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