Friday, October 31, 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and other Friday Stuff!

Halloween has grown on me over the years. We weren't big into costumes when I was growing up: either we ended up with the Toys R Us cheap costume with the plastic mask or we went as a gypsy, witch, ghost, or hobo, all of which could be accomplished after school with a minimum of effort. It wasn't until high school and college that I actually put effort into costumes and I'm sure the word cosplay was not in my vocabulary. I loved trick or treating. I was a fan of candy. That was about it.

As a teacher, some years we were encouraged to wear costumes. Some years not. (I think just pretending I'm a responsible adult who you are supposed to emulate is costume enough, you know?) I find teaching the Great Gatsby while dressed as Buffy or a cheerleader or a vampire or a zombie is a bit disorienting. One year I gave up and just bought a scrub suit and borrowed a stethoscope from the nurse and put fake blood on my face. The plan had been to be a zombie nurse, but I was lazy. So I was just a bloody nurse, which actually didn't feel like a costume but boy those scrubs were comfy.

Anyway. Next year, Austin Comic Con is back over Halloween weekend. I've  got a year to perfect my Outlander costume. That's all I'm saying for now. Except that it's going to be awesome and I can hardly wait.

In other related Halloween anecdotes:

Once, in college, the hubs and I won 1st place as Laurel and Hardy.
The next year we were a pimp and a hooker.
A couple years ago, we went to a party dressed as Wash and Kalie from Firefly. We figured this was obscure so we even put on name tags. NO ONE understood who we were. This, and the punch, made it funnier.

And one year when I was about 10, a group of us got stuck in an elevator while trick or treating. (when you grow up in Chicago, in the city, you trick or treat in high rises a lot. My grandma lived in a 29 story building. You'd fill the pillow case after two or three floors. We also lived in a historic district. I learned not to assume that the people in the big Frank Lloyd Wright prairie style houses would give the good candy.

Also, I am the only human who actually likes those black and orange wrapped peanut buttery candies.
But I despise candy corn.

Happy Halloween!

Other Friday Stuff: Still reading Lena Dunham's NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL.

And back to the deadlines!

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