Friday, December 12, 2014

Five For Friday

And somehow, it's Friday again!
And the middle of December!

1. Today's observation is that when you write a novel that covers a vast spectrum of time (in this case, 1913 until the present), you find out many tidbits you never knew before. For example! Did you know that Martin Luther King and Anne Frank were both born in 1929?

2. The 200th episode of Bone last night! I've not been as loyal of a viewer as I used to be. But last night, they hooked me back! The ep was done as a Hitchcock movie -- with everything from the setting to the dialogue to the music and credits and scenes in gorgeous cars. It was truly fabulous and amazing fun and I say Bravo!! Here's a good link with a little clip:

3. Macy's -- taking over from the now defunct Marshall Field's-- sells my childhood favorite candy, Frango Mints, but only at Christmas time. At least here in Houston stores. I'm sure I can get them year round on line, but there is something about seeing the stacks of boxes in the store and all that yummy chocolate/minty aroma! If you have never eaten a Frango Mint, you are missing out!

4. Newsies is finally coming to Houston! Need I say more?

5. John Corey Whaley is a genius. NOGGIN is brilliant. Read it now.

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