Thursday, May 21, 2015

Five for Thursday

Normally I'm all five for Friday. But it's Thursday. Deal with it.

1. Titos and Pineapple
Best summer cocktail ever. At least it was yesterday. I believe were it not for me knowing how many calories are in those little cans of pineapple juice, I could have a number of these. Sipped one while making dinner.

2. My arc of Julie Murphy's DUMPLIN'
A gorgeous book. And I don't just mean the cover. Julie gets it all right--relationships and insecurities and how we can love and hate things all at the same time. Plus Texas. And pageants. And the crap we do to each other and ourselves. You are in my head, Julie Murphy. You really are.

3. Lyla the bassett/boxer
She is afraid of everything and nothing, my dog. She is long and unwieldily and yet oddly athletic. She celebrates after pooping. What is not to love?

4. My sort of gladiator sandals from Lucky and my not-quite maxi dress from Madewell.
You are my summer uniform. I love you both and yes I could wear you both every single day. So the thing is that I have skinny ankles. So shoes that show that off look weird on me. Seriously, I have ankles like wrists. But these sandals. Perfect. Likewise the dress. A full maxi makes me look like I am in my nightgown (okay, I don't wear nightgowns but if I did) because I am short. But this dress stops just above my skinny ankles. It is PERFECT. And I love it. And now you know.

5. My tomato plant! 
Because it is growing real, gorgeous tomatoes. That are very tasty. And I could be a veggie farmer if I wasn't so lazy and incompetent but this plant was sitting in a corner outside Kroger, like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of tomato plants and I brought it home and set it on a little round table on the patio and then it luckily rained for like a thousand days straight and now I think I will have 20 tomatoes in my crop.

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