Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Stuff

Stuff I'm passionate about today:

  • Reading Katie Cotugno's blog. The girl can write. Her random observations about…everything make me want to fan girl her like crazy.
  • Speaking of which, she's doing a series on fangirl-ing and so I do have to say that I adore deep fandom. My last truly intense fandom was for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and after that, all things Joss Whedon. As in I knew the titles of every BTVS ep. I recorded years of them meticulously on VHS tapes (yes, this was the late 90s and I don't know if DVRing even existed or we were just too broke to have it, but I had VHS tapes by God!), labeling the titles and the dates. I bought the novelizations. I chatted with like-minded fans on line. I memorized favorite passages of dialogue. I wrote a bit of fan fic.  I collected various swag. Okay a lot of it, most of which I still have. And mostly, I learned to tell stories and from that came my own first novel DREAMING ANASTASIA. I've been a fan of other shows since then, but nothing has come close to the Buffy years, to the sheer crazy joy I felt about new eps, particularly in the first 3 seasons.
  • My tomatoes are still growing! 9 more that may even reach tomato adulthood!
  • Vodka and pineapple juice. 
  • Miss Fisher's Mysteries, which we began last night to fill the gap until season 4 of Call the Midwife gets itself to Netflix. Roaring 20s. Amazing clothes. Australia. Murders. Cocaine. Sexy stuff.
  • My new sandals from Lucky. Fake python, I tell you. Screams summer.
  • Avocado toast!! Smear a little green stuff on toast. Sprinkle with sea salt. Heaven!

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