Friday, February 12, 2016

Five for Friday

And it's Friday again, after a strange week that was, in turns, upsetting and encouragingly joyful, depending on what day it was. It has been a roller coaster-y few weeks into 2016, and the weather has reflected this here in my piece of the Gulf Coast, with 75 temps one day and 35 the next and frequently in the same day, leaving my head confused and achy. Seriously, we are all complaining that it's hard to keep up.

And so the five things on my mind this week:

1. Possibly today I will sneak away and see Zoolander 2, because the mister does not find the idea hilarious fun and there is nothing worse on date night than sitting next to someone you love who is nonetheless sighing under his breath and counting the minutes until it's over while he eats his popcorn.

In a small side commentary on that, I always find it interesting that I know people who refuse to go to the movies alone. I am totally grand with going to the movies alone. I love the movies. I love sitting in a theater. I love watching something I really wanted to see and why inflict something you love on someone who won't enjoy it?

2. Scandal is back! But I can't discuss it yet because I haven't seen it yet. But soon.

3. The Lumineers are touring again! They have a new album. Hooray!!

4. Went to see ALL THE WAY at The Alley Theater this week and it was truly brilliant. It takes the story of LBJ's presidency from the moment of the assassination of Kennedy to LBJ's own election the following November, with the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement, the growing turmoil in the US and the insidious beginnings of the conflict in Vietnam. It's a long play, close to 3 hours, but you really don't notice. Of course, I have the Hamilton soundtrack running in my head always now because I love it so much, so it's almost hard not to sit there imagining a stage play re-created as a musical. Still, if ALL THE WAY comes your way, go see it!

5. The WIP is in that place where once I get beyond the next chapter, things will start flying and soon it will be a real book and this thrills me to my tired, tired core. And someday, if I'm really good, I will be able to tell you about it. Hooray to that!

In other writing matters, I had a grand time last Saturday teaching 8 writers about "how to find an agent and why you need one." If you are a writer in Houston and haven't discovered Whitespace Houston yet, you need to discover it!

until next time!

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