Friday, March 18, 2016

Five for Friday

Five things that make me happy this week:

1. Growing tomatoes again. Three different plants; three different types. Year two of patio farming and I'm out there every day checking on them. Yeah, it's awesome, my tiny farm.

2. House of Cards. Half-way through the new season. No spoilers except two words: Claire. Underwood. Holy hell.  And in related matters-- Scandal. The theme since it started up again seems to be everyone's a monster, even when they try not to be. Cyrus Bean and Abby I'm looking at you. And VP Susan, you surprising woman you. Shonda Rimes does not disappoint.

3. Not quite to the 3/4 mark in the WIP. You guys. This book. It has challenged me and surprised me and that's all I'm saying for now. Except that I am glad that I kept going because some books take a while to let you know what they really are.

4. It's chilly again today but my new straw fedora makes me feel like it's spring on the French Riviera.

5. Happy, happy to have had some quiet weeks to write and write before things rev up in the days approaching IT WASN'T ALWAYS LIKE THIS, which is coming 5/17 from Soho Press. Lots of events in the offing, lots of excitement, and hopefully lots of readers who will enjoy.

Tis next week.

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