Thursday, December 13, 2018

Five For Friday

Five Things Making Me Happy As We Enter the Weekend:

1. Made popovers the other day. So easy and so satisfying. The trick is not to open the oven. Then you get these puffy wonders!

2. Lucky enough to snag an arc of Angie Thomas's forthcoming One the Come Up. I don't even have any idea what it would be like to try to follow a debut like The Hate U Give. But a few pages into her new book and I'd say that she has succeeded. An important, authentic voice.

3. In chapter book category, I'm a huge fan of Adele Griffin's forthcoming The Becket List. A solid winner, this one.

4. Nathan Fillion's new cop show, The Rookie. It's not perfect but it's hooked me anyway because it's Nathan Fillion and great supporting cast and what else do I need on a Tuesday night?

5. Lacy M Johnson's The Reckoning. Emotional. Powerful. Gut-wrenching. I want every woman I know to read this one. It, too, is not a perfect book, but it gets the job done and will stay with you forever. One of my best reads of the year.

Wish me luck as I finally finally finish this novel I've been  working on. More on that soon.

Til next time.


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