Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's Up Wednesday

Am now an official member of Class of 2k9 which is a group of debut authors whose children's market (mostly MG and YA) books are coming out in.... you guessed it loyal readers... 2009. Have had fun so far (it's only been since Monday night) "meeting" everyone. At least three of us share the delightful and brilliant Michelle Andelman as our agent so that was definitely exciting.

Son (aka - my current hero) has volunteered to create and maintain Facebook page for me. (or maybe My Space, so feel free to debate the merits of these as publicity tools. Note the last two words, people - publicity tools. Between real life, writing, that pesky other full time job, and my pitiful attempts at blogging plus the new 2k9 stuff, I have no need for this as a social tool. I will not be picking up guys or sending out bulletins about my next kegger - although honestly, after mother in law's impending back surgery on Friday, I ought to throw one and invite only myself)

Enjoyed Melissa Kantor's Break Up Bible. Her humor just tickles me. A lot! Funny, enjoyable read!

Okay, putting my head back into Sweet Dreams.

Til next time...


Becki said...

I am ready to Friend request you on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

Do I have to have a Facebook account too? That's a little to high-tech for me. -chatsy

Anonymous said...

Unlike My Space, I think Facebook only lets you read someone's page if you're also a member. At least that's my understanding.