Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Updates

  • Excited that my web master, the delightful Dina, has helped me figure out how to set up the email that I can have from my hosting site and is up and running although not yet appearing on the web site itself as an option until she has a chance to stick it there. I know there's really not much use for it quite yet, but it's nice to know I've conquered (well, with help!) another aspect of my great world domination plan. (translate: I'm a technology dweeb and I'm grateful for all the help I can get so that I can continue my small attempts at self promotion and communication!
  • Rehab is going mostly well for mother in law, which has been a blessing, honestly. Thanks to all those of you who've asked about this. She's been moved to the more active patient wing which means she no longer has to room next door to the lady who yells out 'help' followed by a random name everyone two and half minutes.
  • Conquered a full 10,000 words of Sweet Dreams which made me feel awesome!
  • Have got to figure out anniversary gift for husband since said anniversary is on 7/1. He has put up with me for yet another year, it seems... Okay, maybe it's the other way around...

Til next time...

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