Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting ready

Going back to the "real world" tomorrow. School's starting up. The high school where I teach has power, sustained little damage. Likewise for our 9th grade campus. Most of our feeder schools (the elementaries and middle schools) are still in the dark. Meaning that most of our kids are, too - and I mean that in a literal sense, of course!

Still kinda crazy here. Still a million or so without power in the region - that's a lot of hot, cranky folks. Galveston is trying to rebuild. It will be a long, long haul. The area around Bolivar Peninsula is simply gone for the most part.

And we are going to have to finally replace our fence, which while still standing politely does not quite stand in the same exact spot and thus one of the gates is never going to actually close again on its own.

Think I'll move to posting about things other than hurricane, but it's sort of hard. Lots of things in my world are in flux right now, some bigger than others. Gonna be interesting to see how everything shakes out. (yeah, I'm being cryptic; some of you know these stories; none of them are post worthy quite yet)

TV has sorta lost its luster for the moment. We're keeping the AC on, but at higher temps than we normally do both to conserve and in a sort of lame solidarity with those who have none. (Yes, I know it's 95 degrees in your bedroom. But I'm keeping the thermostat hovering just under 80 if it makes any diff to you. It doesn't?) We've been opening the windows more than usual cause we got used to it. I finished Tom Perotta's The Abstinence Teacher and adored his spot on characterizations but felt a little let down by the leaky sort of ending. My refrigerator hasn't been this spotless since it was delivered. I actually dusted my dresser. A lot. Dusted all the mini blinds, too. Got a reminder of the days when I wasn't teaching full time and writing full time and sleeping little. Okay, that was a three day period a few years back. But I remember it fondly.

But oh how I'm glad that land line is back.

Til next time...

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