Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hate IKE, but -

I had to love the sixteen year old girl who asked me the following when I told her that because of the impending landfall of Ike on the Texas coast, school was cancelled for tomorrow:
"Do you think they'll like cancel the mall, too?"

Til next time...
And if you're in Ike's path, stay safe and dry.


Anonymous said...

Mom says you're making that up. (But I believe you).

We've evacuated to Spring. Hunkering down and preparing for a long day of eating up the food in the fridge before the power goes out. My favorite hurricane prep activity. :)

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

As always, you simply cannot make this stuff up. (but to her defense, she works at the mall so there really was a fuller context but that is absolutely word for word!)

Kim said...

Ryan had a student who asked if Anne Frank was dead or alive. Scary, huh? Stay safe!!