Sunday, November 9, 2008

Revision Dominoes

So here's the thing about revising. You can't just fix one thing. Let's for example - and this purely hypothetical :cough - no it's not: that you add a conversation/argument between your MC and his best friend Dan and now they're really uneasy with each other. And then, the MC goes home and lo and behold, you realize that he's going to end up having this heart to heart with his little sister whereas that particular interchange didn't ever exist before in this part of the book. So now, there you are, guzzling English Breakfast tea and trying to thread the continuity of this throughout everything else that occurs in the rest of the book. And keep the pacing going.

That's all hypothetical, of course. Right?

And you know what else is hypothetical? The possibility that while you'd spent most of the day doing this - in between grocery shopping, cleaning the bathrooms, a nice little trip with the husband to Starbucks where you drank a totally delightful Chai Latte and sat outside and talked about nothing in particular and okay, an hour watching Amazing Race because you had to see what happened to Dandrew and phew they came in 5th and are still in the race and Andrew himself yelled hello to you over the phone just now while he was at your son's condo and then the preview for next week indicated that Dan and Andrew are going to fight, which you're not that worried about since you saw them having fun on Mill Street in Tempe just a couple weeks ago when you were there - that you'd completely neglected that thing called lesson plans for the coming week and you're feeling a bit guilty and stressed right now.

Which, of course, you're solving by posting this blog entry.

Til next time...

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