Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The World owes you nothing

Up late, late. Working. Thinking. Having that glass of red wine cause it's oh so medicinal. (My story and sticking to it) Went to delightful Brazos Valley SCBWI conference this past Saturday, and it was Pippin's Emily van Beek - oh so very smart and witty and precise in all the ways I will never ever be - who reminded me of this post's title. It's part of Pippin's mantra, if you will. And it's harsh but true. The world owes us nothing. We owe the world - our hard work, our best efforts, our best stories, our everything. But there are no guarantees. I can whine all I like about how someone didn't like my work or asked for yet another revision or told me that my conflict isn't fully evident and my minor character is taking over the story. But if I want success, I have to fix it. It's an uncomfortable lesson. We do so much that's the opposite - trophies in YMCA sports even if your kid has sat on the grass picking clover every game; inflating grades; enabling in oh so many ways. I've done it. You've done it. Hey! Don't lie. You've done it. Or it's been done on your behalf.

Interesting to think about on this late, late night.
And on the brighter side, it's Wednesday. So that meant an hour of Bones. Ahhh. David Boreanaz solving a mystery on a plane. The world may owe me nothing, but sometimes it coughs up something nice.

Til next time...


Jamie Duke said...

When you say inflating grades, you don't mean mine, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

heh! no! hi jamie!!

Anonymous said...

well i cant wait till your book comes out it sounds like it is a really good one i cant wait to read it