Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Big Old Texas Thank You

To Book Splot and also a bit belatedly to The Ravenous Reader for choosing Dreaming Anastasia as their Waiting on Wednesday picks! You guys rock! (or, since this was titled a Texas thank you - y'all rock! Seriously!) When you're a debut author nothing is more crazily humbling than to have people excited about the premise of your novel, the cover of you book and all the stuff in between. Especially when most debut books have had - as I've recounted in this blog - lengthy journeys to get to the shelf. It is majorly exciting and a true, true honor to have people you don't even know get jazzed right along with you. So for everyone who is championing DA or any book for that matter - thanks! The world of books - of readers and writers - has been my favorite place for as long as I can remember, but YA readers are a special, special group. And fantasy readers - we're a enthusiastic, loyal group. Okay, so are romance readers and those who like alternate history. And all of that is part of the wacky world of Dreaming Anastasia. Plus a little Russian folklore! So getting to be part of that on the other side - the writing side - is thrilling beyond words.

Til next time...

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