Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Well, actually, it's no longer a question. Publicist Paul (do ya like the alliteration?) has twisted my little girlie arm and as of yesterday, I've jumped on the Twitter train. (There was something about how four people in Slovenia had now read my 2k9 "You Know You're a Debut Author When" post and other peer pressure of that sort) So if you want to follow me, you can find me @joypreble in Twitter land. Pretty quiet out there right now - me and a couple of writer friends, my Sourcebooks peeps and okay, Ashton Kutcher. Why? Because I could.

And if anyone reading this could tell me in 160 characters or less (or whatever the tweet count is; I'm a newbie so I don't remember) why you like or dislike tweets, I would be every so happy.

Til next time...
(and check out the 2k9 post link!)


The Book Girl said...

I feel like it's just a place to stalk people. Nobody should be that concerned with what others are doing :-p.

Taschima Cullen said...

Im with Book Girl, hi Book Girl!, I do not like twitter, at all. Can't even get it, its like

Im eating
I burped
Stopped eating, am full
Kicked the cat and then went out into the rain, with my laptop...

UGH so much crap no one cares about lol

Joy said...

LOL,Taschima! I definitely think I will only use it to announce book related matters...

I very much agree that there's a saturation point to all these things...

The Book Girl said...

hahahaha Taschima, you just made my day :-p But the sad thing is, it's SO true.

I completely understand how you would need it, Joy, as it's popular and will get you more notice. But sticking to book related posts does sound best :-)