Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Odds and Ends

If you're signing at Borders during the Christmas rush, it's nice to have some school friends visit
  • Taking a break from the writing, writing, writing that I STILL can't tell you about. (Gee, Joy, could you hint any more annoyingly and repetitively? Probably not.) Never did post a pic from my Borders signing on 12/12, so there it is above. Had a lovely time visiting and signing and occasionally - as seems to be my norm - directing folks to bathrooms, neighboring toy stores, whatever. I don't even get thrown by these requests anymore. In fact, I rather enjoy them.
  • Still liking my Kindle, although my pal Barrie Summy has another take on the whole subject, which you can read here: Barrie is awesome and funny and a talented writer and I shared some delightful wine and conversation with her this summer at SCBWI LA.
Okay - back to writing.
More soon. A whole pile of end of year thank you's is on the horizon...
Til next time..

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Barrie said...

Hi Joy! Thank you for the link. And I have a Christmas request for you....tell us your news. :)