Sunday, May 23, 2010

Waiting for the Glow

So much going on right now. Some I can chat about. Some I can't. Hope to be able to soon - cause it might even be exciting stuff. One never knows.

Still hacking away at the mountain (all right - maybe it's just a small hillock) known as macro edits for Haunted. Hope to be done very soon. Editor Kelly makes it fun, though. Really - did your editor include a picture of Olivia Newton John as Sandy in Grease in your editorial letter? Okay there's a fuller context, but I'm short on time here.

School is racing to a close - although not without the requisite piles of final essays/tests/clean-up/meetings/parental phone calls/last minute training in things that have long acronyms or goofy names (case in point - the new program wherein we upload our lesson plans and prove that they have duly differentiated/used Bloom's taxonomy/genuflected to Marzano's theories of vocabulary instruction, etc. It is called - wait for it - Forethought.) Which humorless person with an education doctorate came up with that? Do you not see the potential mocking possibilities? I mean, come freaking on. Methinks there was a definite lack of forethought in that one, folks. (yes, a pun. yes on purpose)

Also getting ready for the radioactive iodine treatment that will hopefully be the last step in whipping Mr. Thyroid Cancer's cranky ass. Yes, I will have a certain glow mid-June. Bring on the geiger counters.

And because all of this makes me alternately excited, antsy, fearful and not the littlest bit crazy, I did what any red-blooded woman should do - headed to Sephora and bought a new lip gloss. NARS Orgasm. Oh yes! Do you know about this? It's beyond fabulous. Money well spent.

And that said, I shall climb back into the revision cave. I'm not coming out until I'm done. I swear.

Til next time...

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