Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday stuff... and did you know?

Really should be finishing my stack of censorship essays, but some tasks are too depressing to complete all at once. And here I thought everyone would have an opinion... possibly having an opinion is hard work. Wouldn't want to work now, would we, kiddies?

Tons of stuff that should also be commanding my attention: am I going to SCBWI LA? Do I need to make my hotel reservation now for Orlando NCTE? I really should be subbing another HuffPo piece. What the heck is my quiz for part one of Fahrenheit 451 going to look like? When am I going to get those copy edits for Haunted?

Speaking of which - guess since it's public now, I can chatter about the newest change in my world. Editor Dan has moved to Harper Collins, where he is now grand master of Intellectual Property for teens and children's books. (cool, eh?) And although I miss him madly, I do get to work with one of my other favorite people - Kelly Barrales-Saylor, who had also been part of the Dreaming Anastasia team and is also an all around very cool hipster girl who has worked quite hard the past few weeks on my behalf. Publishing = change. On a very regular basis, it seems.

No ALA for me this year. I will still be semi-radioactive, I think, from the last steps toward making the big bad cancer go poof. So if anyone stops by the Sourcebooks booth - tell Publicist Paul or Publicist Kay how excited you are about Haunted. Too bad Joy's not here, you should say. Oh how we miss that snarky woman. No clue if we'll have ARC's out by then. But I'll let you know.

Later this week - my interview with Jen Dutton and then my review of her upcoming Stranded. I'm very excited to share this interview with you. Jen ROCKS!! Seriously- the woman is deep! And one cool mama.

til next time...

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Marianne said...

Great review Joy! Just love her writing style. I was thrilled when asked to produce the book trailer for Stranded. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out on YouTube by clicking here:

Stranded Book Trailer

or here:

Marianne Nowicki