Friday, September 3, 2010

All Sorts of Really Cool Stuff that You Must See

My friend Lauren Strasnick and her friend Jade created the absolutely postively best book trailer ever with stick figures for Lauren's book Nothing Like You - out now in paperback as well as hardcover. I would have imbedded the video itself but I am having lame-o computer issues so here is the link.

In other news, if you're a regular blog reader, you've read my musings on the "shit, what do you mean I have cancer; I'm trying to write another book" journey. In honor of Dreaming Anastasia's one year anniversary, I've gone a little broader with the audience and so you can read my crazy debut author journey (bits and pieces of which have appeared on this blog in other forms and posts) in today's Huffington Post essay. Thanks you HuffPo!!

Nice feature in PW on the delightful Suzanne Morgan Williams' Bull Rider and a summer reading book club in Pflugerville Texas (which if you don't live here is not quite as far-flung as it sounds and is acutally not far from Austin.)

A really nice review on the fabulous Roecker Sisters blog (Lisa and Laura Write) of The Duff by Kody Keplinger. It's now on my must read list.

Dreaming Anastasia is being printed again - with a NEW FONT for Anastasia's journals!! Yes, if that pesky but authentic looking font was not your favorite, you will LOVE the new font in the edition now filtering into stores. I actually had input this time (how freakin' cool is that?) and although there was some mourning and teeth gnashing by Editor Kelly and Copy Editor Kristin about the old font that they tell me the miss, I think you guys are going to like the new one. More on this soon....

Beyond that - I've made it through week 2 of school. The three day weekend beckons. Husband and I just downed our celebratory Starbucks coffees and sat outside and split a somewhat stale piece of coffeecake. Its condition did not deter us from the picking up stray struesel crumbs with our fingers.

I'm waiting anxiously for ARC's of HAUNTED. Will post pictures as soon as one exists. Hopefully this will be soon.

If you're reading this and that hurricane is coming your way, stock up on water and batteries. And don't assume your cell phone will work. (Just saying; if you don't believe me, scroll back to 9/08 and the entries about Ike) And if they tell you to evacuate, please please listen!

Til next time...


Barrie said...

Just now catching up on your blog. I'm way behind with your news and the whole C thing. thinking of you xoxoxo

Vonna said...

That was a great post on HuffPo, Joy. I must admit, I'll find the new font a relief. I'll get a new copy, but since you signed my last one, I'll have to get you to sign this one, too!

Lisa and Laura said...

Thanks for the shout out, Joy! Can't wait to check out the new printing--congratulations!