Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's still hotter than hell outside. Yes, I know - I live in Texas. What did I expect? Actual fall? I miss it sometimes, I guess. I don't miss Chicago snow up to my waist in the winter (and in fact am having periodic angst attacks about the fact that HAUNTED is set in Chicago and due out in February and Publicist Paul has been making sounds that sound suspiciously like "Joy. You'll come back here to your beloved Windy City when the next book is out. Bring a jacket." Not that I'm not beyond thrilled about that. Just that I remember what it's like to have ice build up on my scarf. While I'm wearing it.)

But I miss fall. The leaves turn colors here some years. And I can drive to other parts of the state and see some decent fall color. But mostly kids are sweating in their Halloween costumes and we often have the AC cranking on Thanksgiving. Last Halloween I was in Phoenix. Jake and Kellie and I carved the pumpkins in the photo above. The little pumpkin belongs to Bernie the wonder dog. But it was hot there, too.

The stores in the mall think it's fall. Sweaters and leggings and jeggings (does that word creep anyone else out?) and boots and booties and coats and hats, even.

Me - I'm sticking pumpkin in every recipe. Digging out my fall wreath with the scarecrows. And leaving my environmental footprint by turning down the AC enough to pretend I'm cold.

I've tried the pumpkin brownies. I'm about to put a can in a devil's food cake mix. The recipe swears this will work. I'm a pumpkin believer. Muffins next, I think. Maybe with that cream cheesy center thing? Is there such a thing as pumpkin soup? Has anyone made it? Is it edible?

Til next time...


Windowpane Memoirs said...

I know Texas is too hot in the summer, I live i Texas too. Which part of TX did you live?

Anonymous said...

How did the baking pumpkinpalooza go?