Sunday, March 6, 2011

of book tours and authors and other stuff

Sarwat Chadda entertains the crowd with Templar Knight tales and Billi SanGreal's story
Rachel Hawkins reading a chapter from DemonGlass and Sophie Mercer's further adventures

Mundie Mom Kathy and me.

As my Borders signing for this weekend was postponed (yes, not cancelled but postponed while my local Borders waits for the banks to finish doing whatever needs doing before they can order books for bigger events again), had some time to pop by my favorite Houston indie Blue Willow, where I not only got to say hi to Valerie and Cathy (who have asked me to be part of Houston Teen Book Con!!) but stayed for the reading/signing of the dynamic touring duo - my pal Sarwat Chadda (Devil's Kiss and Dark Goddess) and Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall and Demonglass), both being toured by Disney Hyperion.

I loved hearing both of their author journey stories - had not known that Rachel used to be an English teacher until it began to suck her soul (teaching has a way of doing that...) Plus she's funny. Really funny, actually. As is Hex Hall, which I've just started reading and am totally enjoying! And Sarwat hinted to us about his recent trip to Hollywood...big doings coming for this deserving chap, methinks.

Let's just say that a good time was had by all and that I also got to meet and chat with various booksellers and bloggers, including Mundie Mom Kathy and cariblogs - who introduced me to Cynthia from A Blog about Nothing and Lena from Addicted to Novels and others! This is my favorite part of book events - talking with people who love books, support authors and books, write about books... well you get the picture!! Books rock. And book bloggers - you rock even more!! Thank you Cathy Berner for graciously introducing me as a Teen Book Con author.

Okay. Must write now. Really.

Til next time...


Mundie Moms said...

It was so nice to finally meet you meet Joy! I'm looking forward to seeing you next month at TLA and the Teen Book Con!

Unknown said...

It was great seeing you again!