Sunday, March 27, 2011

Touring in my back yard

Okay, so I wasn't literally in my back yard. But I was at the Champions Forest Barnes and Noble in Houston, which is pretty close. Banff School asked me back to be their guest author for their book fair and it was a great afternoon chatting and signing Dreaming Anastasia and Haunted. Talked with Banff students, my own readers, customers who popped over to the signing table... Later the Banff team (aka my friends Deb and Wanda) and I and the husbands had dinner. Food, friends, wine - a winning combination all the way around. Even had some of my own students stop by to get a book, which is something that gets me happily sentimental and thankful. A huge thanks to CRM Lillian, who arranged such a lovely table and signage and who is always a true pleasure to work with. She is made of awesome. Plus I adore this particular B&N; it's an older one story store with all the benefits of the chain but the more intimate feel of a smaller indie. Truly - if you're in Houston, head to this store on 1960 West. You will be glad you did.
Here's me and Banff team below
CRM Lillian and me
My very own students saying hi!

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