Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Talk

Need to write, so a few quick updates. Hope to be better with the blogging soon. But end of school, son's imminent wedding, impending book deadline... it's wild around here right now!

  • Interview coming soon with Bettina Restrepo, author of Illegal, writer pal and all around fantabulous human!

  • Until then, check out Bettina's schedule of book events, along with the Class of 2k11 and other folks at BEA:

  • Someday I will make it to BEA. I'm hoping for next year. Am I the only one who's never been? Speak up people. Give me some armchair company!

  • Am writing like crazy to meet my Again and Again deadline in July. I am so excited about book 3 of the Dreaming Anastasia series. You want romance? You want some time travel? You want to find out about Ethan's past? This is your book. I'm very excited about how Anne and Ethan's story is turning out. More on that soon.

  • Cindy Wexler at my local Borders in Houston is an amazing person who supports me and the DA series in huge ways. So yes - some Borders are still alive and well and kicking. And staffed by wonderful book loving souls.

  • Two more weeks until I am no longer teaching full time. Interesting what happens when you tell people you're leaving. Some are happy that you're going to follow your dream. Some immediately treat you like you're invisible. Some ask for your stuff. (equipment, files, you name it; the vultures start to circle). "Will you give me all your files?" "Can I put my name on a sticky note on your document camera?"

  • A reader created this really cool book trailer for Dreaming Anastasia

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Cindy Wexler said...

Thanks Joy - it's been such a pleasure to promote your DA series - I can't wait to find out how Anne and Ethan's story turns out.