Monday, July 25, 2011

guilty and not so guilty pleasures

I have now watched parts of the new Lifetime bio pic about Jo Rowling two times. Actually, for all I know, it may not be a new movie. It is just new to me. Eventually, I will have to see the entire thing. Do you ever have that happen - you flip by a movie on some channel and then three days later it runs again but somehow even though it's a different day and a different time you still end up seeing about the same exact 30 minutes?

I have no idea if it's a good movie or a bad movie. But it's every wanna be author's dream story, even beyond the feel good part about how JK Rowling was a single mother on welfare when she finished writing HP. There was something just tingly about watching the scenes every author waits for: I have an agent! He sold my book! He gave me a check! I got a copy of the real book in the mail! I did a reading at a book store! I sold foreign rights! (in this case it was the American rights)

And here's the part that was the most fun: When Jo's agent Chris says on the phone, "You'll be getting a phone call from Scholastic from a man named Arthur Levine," and I smiled and laughed because I have met Arthur Levine and I adore Arthur Levine and once on an elevator at SCBWI LA Arthur Levine told me that it was going to be chilly outside and maybe I should go back up and get a sweater! This was totally awesome tv.

I also wrote more on the WIP this weekend. I am loving me my WIP.

What I'm not loving? The chinch bug invasion that's killed our front lawn. But the nice guys from Ray's Nursery are attempting to make it better with chemical warfare. Watch out nasty chinch bugs! You are not long for this world.

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Heather said...

Ack! Cinch Bugs! Been there, done that. We have something now called "take out patch" which will, if not fixed, "take out" our lawn. We may have contained it organically (and expensively). I am ready for this drought to be OVER!