Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Wednesday so that means...

I'm crossing my fingers that the months of dental woes are over. Failed root canal + failed crown + abcess + re-treated root canal + temp crown + new crown that seems to fit fine = pain in the... everything. Including the wallet.

Waiting anxiously for my editorial letter for Again and Again... which hopefully is not a prophetic title about the editorial process.

Enjoying the WIP. Really enjoying. Cheers to that!

Very excited that the local alum group of my college sorority has asked me to speak at their September meeting on publishing journey/books/dreams come true.

Equally excited that I will be doing a writer's workshop in October for Teen Reads week at our local library.

Appalled at my nails - chipped polish, kind of ragged looking. I maintained them from May 27 until about a week ago when I got bored. Now the toes - the toes are another story. Me loves the pedicures. Possibly there is one in my near future.

Just emailed my critique group that it would be nice to also meet for burgers before critiquing. Clearly I am procrastinating by thinking of dinner while it is still eleven in the morning.

What are you doing/thinking about right now? Please tell me!!


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