Thursday, January 19, 2012

What are You Watching?

One set of edits (Anastasia Forever final copy edits) turned in. One to go (first round macro edits for The Sweet Dead Life) More tomorrow about how it feels to complete a series.

Today we're chatting TV.

I like TV. I really do. And while I've yakked about my love for Bravo (Beverly Hills Housewives; Top Chef Masters), my real love is scripted shows. (Okay, reality is scripted, too. But we're not supposed to acknowledge this) Drama more than comedy these days, although I still have a warm spot for Big Bang Theory. I think I have to since Jim Parsons grew up just down the road. Even though it's getting repetitious and I honestly haven't seen an episode in a long while, it's still funnier to me than Modern Family, which I find it tedious and not particularly amusing.

Awkward on MTV? Love, love, love. It's not perfect. Real high school isn't like that. But I forgive it for that because I adore Jenna Hamilton and her narration. I adore lines like "The ellipses is the slut of punctuation." Too f-ing funny.

Once Upon a Time and Grimm -- well, it's been a contest each week. I was Grimm all the way, but now OUAT is pulling ahead with its back stories of Rumplestiltskin and Hansel and Gretel. Fabulous writing. Blew me away!

Season Two of Being Human is off to a good start.

Vampire Diaries --- I will never tire of Damon. Even when he mugs the camera. Never. Tire.

Lost Girl --- just getting into this. Will report soon.

(note to self: this is a shit load of television. Please justify it by saying that you learn about scripting and pacing and character development. Um. Yeah. What I just said)

It's on hiatus, but Covert Affairs is nice eye candy.

But my new revelation --- and yes, I have to finish catching up on season 1, is Downton Abbey. I had no idea I would love this. But I don't just love it. I adore it!

How about you? What are you watching?


Emily said...

Also love Downton Abbey. And, I too, prefer written shows to reality. I'll have to try 'Big Bang Theory,' I've always wondered if I'd like it, but never tried it.

I also watch Damages (Love Glen Close) and We started Revenge this season, which is looking pretty promising.

I adore Parenthood. It's in its third season I think. Every episode makes me laugh and cry. Check it out.

Bee said...

TV is awesome, isn't it? I don't care who calls it the idiot box.

I love, love, love The Vampire Diaries. Everyone out there is SO hot. I'm Team Tyler, btw.

And Glee! Glee is my lifestyle. So inspiring, so empowering, so amazing. Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson - PERFECTION.

Recently started watching Supernatural and I adore it! Winchester brothers = WIN. WIN. WIN. What I wouldn't give to marry Dean *sigh*

I'm liking how The Secret Circle is going so far. Keeping me intrigued.

And I. Cannot. Wait for season 2 of Game of Thrones. The first season gave me a heart attack in every episode.