Monday, June 18, 2012

Of Mondays, Retreats, and New Book Trailers

So where do Texas writers go when 12 of us gather for a retreat? A cabin the woods. A cabin decorated by someone who really really likes to hunt and kill animals and stuff them and put them on display like this:
and like this:
But it was okay because we all wrote and wrote and wrote and ate and then wrote and wrote some more without that pesky internet to distract us.

See how happy we look about our productivity?
So now I'm wallowing happily in the honeymoon phase of a spanking brand new project. Yay! So thank you to my cohorts in cabin in the woods crime: Jessica Anderson, PJ Hoover, Jo Whittemore, Nikki Loftin, Corey Oakes, Bethany Hegedus, Jenny Moss, Kari Anne Holt, Stephanie Pellegrin, Emma Virjan, Salima Alikhan and Jenny's daughter Christine!

And tomorrow -- huge excitement -- the ANASTASIA FOREVER book trailer! Some super sekrit special bloggers and some of my ANASTASIA FOREVER street team will be helping me kick off the countdown to August by 'touring' the trailer! So wonderful. So come back Tuesday!


Cory Putman Oakes said...

So much fun hanging out with you this weekend, Joy! Let's do it again soon!

ChihuahuaCharms said...

ooh, creepy deco! LOL! Glad it was fun :)

Hannah xxx(the british minion, this is my blogger account, fyi, and I have started a blog, so will email you about the street team guest posts etc.) :)

Joy Preble said...

Thanks, Hannah, for letting me know that ChihuahuaCharms is you!