Thursday, August 2, 2012

And the winner is...

Wow! So many great entries to the ANASTASIA FOREVER giveaway! It's a good thing they all went into the contest hat because on my own I would never have been able to pick just 3 of you wonderful people! And if you didn't win this time, I'll be doing another contest in a few weeks.

Plus, the books are sneaking into stores now.... I just saw them on my BN New Teen Fiction shelf yesterday with MY OWN EYES!! (And at first I didn't see they were there because someone was standing and reading one in front of the little stack!)

But to the point...

Prize #1 -- an arc of ANASTASIA FOREVER goes to Ginny!!
Prize #2 -- a book of ANASTASIA FOREVER goes to Valia !!!
Prize # 3 -- a book of ANASTASIA FOREVER and a t shirt goes to Kai !!!

If you would all please email me your mailing addresses.

And if anyone else who entered who like bookmarks for entering, I'd love to send you some so please email me your address as well.


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ChihuahuaCharms said...

Yay! Did you tell the person that you wrote it??? :) Or just giggle to yourself and blog about it later? :)