Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grimm is back and other things that make me happy

Grimm is back! (spoiler alert... although not hugely)

And it looks to be a good season, made better only if Portland OR opened up a branch of Wolfram and Hart and Detective Nick Burkhardt had to investigate. Just saying... (and if you weren't a Buffy/Angel fan, well...Google Wolfram and Hart on that funny thing called the Internets...)

Nick has a mother and it looks like she's staying. Plus she cleaned his house, which I thought was rather spiffy of her. Gone 18 years with no contact and there she is dusting and tidying and then killing a few people in between putting a roast in the oven. (I think I made up that last part) And the police chief speaks a strange language that sounds a lot like French. And Monroe still kicks Blutbladt ass. Plus Rosalee knows shit. She knows like every potion and says things like. "Yes. It will work. But it will take 16 hours to cook." Which is this wonderful random amount of time!

Also, Juliette could stay in a coma longer, but maybe that's just my opinion.

And!! I am going to Portland in January for an event at Powell's and one at Annie Blooms and mostly what I'm thinking is, will I run into Nick and Monroe? Cause you never know...

If you have read this blog before or you now me, you know that I'm a shameless TV lover. The trashier, the better. I'm the one with the Housewives habit, after all. I feel bad when Heather is mean to Ramona even if Ramona sometimes, maybe deserves it and what is up with the whole toaster oven thing and Sonja? Can someone explain?

Plus my guiltiest of pleasure, Covert Affairs, with Auggie the blind CIA agent and Annie Walker and her many spy loves... I even adore the opening credits on this one.

What are you watching?
Why should I add it to the DVR list?


Snapps izking said...

I’m so excited to start watching Grimm once again. I hated all the cliff hangers at the end of Season one and now I will get some closure after months waiting. Grimm’s one of my favorite primetime shows I started watching and I can’t get enough. I’m glad my coworker at Dish suggested I check it out. I’ve enjoyed watching it commercial free using my Auto Hop feature. Sometimes I like to see the commercials, so I can find out what’s new and I don’t have to waste time fast forwarding. The Auto Hop doesn't delete or block commercials it just gives you the option to automatically skip them. It’s the easiest and coolest feature I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t have to constantly replace my batteries now that I won’t use the remote as often.

cwexy said...

Portland - how I love Portland. Enjoy Powell's and if you are looking for a treat, go to Papa Haydn's on 23rd and the I-named street in the Alphabet District. OMG delicious desserts - there's a tiny expensive parking lot right behind the place, if you don't want to circle the neighborhood. The non-desert food is also yummy, but when compared to chocolate orange meringue cake - yum!!!