Monday, May 13, 2013

SWEET DEAD LIFE is almost Here

I am excited. I really am. But I'm also anxious and nervous. A little too hopped up on coffee. It's been that kind of May. THE SWEET DEAD LIFE releases into the world tomorrow, May 14th. I am also writing interviews and blog posts and just turned in a full 300 pages of 2nd draft revisions for THE A WORD, which is the TSDL sequel that comes out next May, 2014! And revising a different project that hopefully will become SOMETHING you can hear about at some point. Planning the last plans for the Austin road trip where for the very first time I will sign and celebrate TSDL at Book People this coming Saturday 5/18 at 3 PM. A new book with a different publisher and my first time at this big and venerable store! Followed by the Houston launch on Saturday 6/8 at my dearest Blue Willow Bookshop where we will party again! Valerie Koehler and Cathy Berner and the gang have helped build my career and there is honestly no other place I'd rather launch this book!

In between all that, there are graduations of people I love and a bunch of birthdays and anniversaries of people I love and my vague attempts to finally start figuring out how we are going to save up to redo our bathroom and I need to make plans to go to a wedding in CA later this summer and then there are the ensuing book events and conferences and Comic Cons and other wonderful things that will go on a few a month until February... when the TSDL paperback comes out and we begin the run up to May and THE A WORD and do it all again.

It is as full and crazy as every May I had when I was teaching high school English. But it doesn't involve standardized testing. Although I really do miss prom. I have been to a LOT of proms. But it's creepy if you go and you're not chaperoning, you know?

Okay. Gotta write.
And maybe print something since the hubs bought me a new printer that is -- huzzah!--wireless for Mother's Day. Scoff, all you like, scoffers. This was a thrilling tech advance in this house where once we buy something we KEEP it and make it work. Like our printer that was, um, about 10 years old!

Tomorrow I'll talk about the book itself -- this Texas makeover of the YA angel book.

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