Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It was time.

Back in 2008 or so when I had sold DREAMING ANASTASIA and realized that yes, I was an 'official' author now, I begged my friend the computer teacher at the high school where I was teaching English to be my webmaster. Actually, that's an overstatement. I don't think I knew the word webmaster. I asked her to help me set up a domain name and block out SOMETHING. And the original Joy Preble dot com was born. A basic site. With my bio and eventually a picture and eventually stuff about a book!

Over the past few years, it's grown, that little site. Three more books and an anthology and the nice stuff people have said and the workshops I present and all the other stuff it should have. We added a little here and there and it grew along with me.

But like I say, it was time.

New book this month -- part of a new series with a new publisher.

And so...

Thanks to Little Willow of Rock the Rock (who is also Little Willow of Bildingsroman/Slayground), I present JOY PREBLE DOT COM 2.0--- the new look!!!

I LOVE IT!! I hope you do, too!

Click on over HERE


Amy Fellner Dominy said...

Love the new look! :-)

Dotti said...

Looks great!

Little Willow said...

I'm happy you're so happy with the new look for your website! Thank you!

Hannah J said...

Looks AWESOME!!!! :D

Poisoned Rose said...

Love the new website. :) Looks great.