Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Can you think of a cuter title? I know, right?

My friend and critique and breakfast partner Varsha Bajaj is an uber-talented author of picture books, such as HOW MANY KISSES DO YOU WANT TONIGHT (Little Brown), which has sold like a gazillion copies because it is adorable and lovely and the perfect bed time book and even comes as a board book if you'd prefer!

But on March 1st, she debuted her first ever middle grade/tween title, ABBY SPENCER GOES TO BOLLYWOOD. (Whitman) I had the privilege of reading an early version of this even before it sold and I have loved Abby's story for a long time. Varsha has given her this awesome voice, plus there is a grand solo journey to India and a girl finding her father--who turns out to be a famous Bollywood star. It's a sweet, wonderful read.

Here's what Amazon says:
What thirteen-year-old Abby wants most is to meet her father. She
just never imagined he would be a huge film star--in Bollywood! Now she's traveling to Mumbai to get to know her famous father. Abby is overwhelmed by the culture clash, the pressures of being the daughter of India's most famous celebrity, and the burden of keeping her identity a secret. But as she learns to navigate her new surroundings, she just might discover where she really belongs.

Seriously, you NEED to read this book.
When you do, let me know what you think!

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