Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday

Been writing, writing, writing this week. Revising and writing new material, both. Some days it's been like digging up rocks with a toothpick. Other days--yesterday--it flows more smoothly.

But it's time for the Friday five!
Here's what I'm obsessed with this week:

1. On the Kindle: The 2nd Outlander book. Still LOVING Jamie and Claire. But this second book moves a tad slower than the first. It is a little less unbridled lusty romance and a little more 18th century political intrigue in France. A little more "Claire! Why did you let the French maid wax your armpits? Who would do such a thing?"  But no matter. It's Jamie and Claire. I'm in this for the duration!

Also: Swamplandia -- which I just started because Amazon sent me a refund from that law suit with various publishers including some of mine so what did I do? Bought a book. Of course. It's by Karen Reese, who I randomly heard on NPR the other morning and who, it turns out, is an NU alum like me (well, not like me. She was nominated for a Pulitzer before she was 30. ) And now there she was on the cover of my Northwestern alum mag, the issue called The Write Way, which featured alumni fiction writers including Veronica Roth, who wrote Divergent during her senior year. During my senior year at NU I did take Creative Writing but mostly I hung out, worked crazy part time jobs, and did as little work as possible while applying for teaching jobs. Uh, yeah. (I do appear in the mag-- but only in the alum news section. Cause I've got a new book out and another coming. There's even a picture)

But to the book. The writing is gorgeous. Reese writes that the night sky was 'star-lepered.'  Lovely! And I am obsessed with the relationship between characters and their settings these days, so the FL swamp setting is pulling me in. Swamplandia! A mother who swims with the gators. Annoying oldster tourists. The weirdness that is FL

2. Catching up some with Scandal. Love the dialogue. Love the crazy plots. Love Olivia Pope and her outfits. But I'm more a fan of Blacklist. Maybe it's because I haven't watched every ep. But I think it's the pacing. I think I want more variety than only frenetic. And while I find Olivia fascinating, I don't find myself empathizing with her the same way I do Spader's Reddington in Blacklist. Weird. Thoughts?

3. Speaking of Blacklist-- finally! Finally Lizzie has figured out that her husband (sorry my friends in the UK who haven't watched yet) is NOT WHO SHE THINKS HE IS. It took you long enough, Lizzie!

4. And speaking of Outlander, I am now obsessed with planning a trip to Scotland. OBSESSED, I tell you!

5. This one is for Ree, the Pioneer Woman, whose recipes I currently love. Made her chicken spaghetti the other day. It was darn good chicken spaghetti. Also in the past weeks, in non-TV related recipes, I have figured out how to make chicken pot pie and Shepherd's pie. So there you go.

Happy Friday!
What are you obsessed about this week?

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