Thursday, April 24, 2014

IT WASN'T ALWAYS LIKE THIS, coming in 2016 !

And so the secret news can finally be announced!

Up today on Publisher's Marketplace:

THE SWEET DEAD LIFE series author Joy Preble's IT WASN'T ALWAYS LIKE THIS, pitched as Tuck Everlasting meets Veronica Mars, about a girl, a boy, a fountain of youth, and what happens when you're stuck at 17, again to Daniel Ehrenhaft at Soho Teen, for publication in Spring 2016, by Jennifer Rofe at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency (World).

Yay yay yay!!!

More soon!
But you're intrigued, right? I know you are!

Thanks a zillion times over to the lovely, brilliant, nurturing team at Soho Teen/Soho Press who somehow keep wanting to write books with me. I couldn't be happier about this one.


Hannah J said...

:O how had I not seen this yet? This is worrying. I have been neglecting cyberspace too much. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't wait to read it :D Even though by the time this comes out I will be...eighteen. No. That's a scary thought. I deny that thought wholeheartedly.

Dotti said...

Awesome Joy! Love the premise.