Thursday, April 3, 2014

GETTING READY FOR TLA and Houston Writer's Guild

Excited about TLA next week. Couldn't go last year and so I'm revving up to hang with librarians and teen readers and my publishers and fellow authors and wallow happily in books, books, books. It's always such an energizing experience and I'm thrilled to be there!

On Wednesday 4/9, our YAHOUs (YA HOUSTON) group is hosting a meet and greet at Overlooked Book's Pat Anderson's booth 2522 from 2-3. Pat is an amazing and tireless supporter of Texas authors and illustrators! We adore him!

Later than afternoon, from 4-6, I'll be with the wonderful gang from Soho Teen at Twig Books, signing  SWEET DEAD LIFE and maybe some A-WORD galleys, too! Yes, it's Soho Teen Afternoon and here's the link:

Thursday 4/10 brings a variety of events including TT4L and the Texas Tea with YA Authors events, both at the Grand Hyatt.

And for the first time, I'll be in the author area on the Exhibit Hall Floor, signing galleys of THE A-WORD (which arrives from Soho Press on 5/13) from 11-11:40

If you want an A-WORD galley signed by me, this is your opportunity!
And honestly, I'd love to see you! I've signed at TLA before, but always in the publisher's booth, so this is a bit daunting. I don't want to be that girl with no line! Please come say hi!

And just to round things out, on Friday, I'll be hanging out at the Book Festivals of Texas booth 2243 from 9:30 - 10 ish, signing SWEET DEAD LIFE and soaking up a few last hours of TLA!

And then, if things aren't busy enough, I'll be at Houston Writer's Guild conference on Sunday 4/13, presenting the post-conference workshop on Building Your Author Platform. We shall be using legos. Okay not really. But I'll be dishing the story of how I went from teaching Julius Caesar 6 times a day to author with books on shelves. It will be fun, informal, and hopefully informative as well!

Happy Wednesday!

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