Friday, March 6, 2015

Five For Friday: Teen Book Fest by the Bay Style

Five (plus a few more) Reasons Teen Book Fest by the Bay was made of much awesome.  (and if I'd taken more pictures, you'd also see other authors like Django Wexler, Christie Craig (CC Hunter), Lindsey Lane, Guadalupe McCall, Rosemary Clement Moore, and many, many more!
Did you know that besides the Selena statue and wonderful beaches, Corpus Christi has the only 2 story Whataburger?

This is my friend Jan Mathieu, who wrote THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICE.  She makes me laugh. A lot.

Pat Anderson of Overlooked Books sold our books. There are lots of mine! Hooray for that, right?

Assassins and Protectors panel. I think we look somewhere in the middle: me, Jackson Pearce, Joe Shine.
And PJ Hoover and Mari Mancusi talking Tut and dragons and other stuff.

Our rooms had a beach view! (okay, it was raining and 45 degrees, but the beach!

The awesome Debbie Van Zandt and her team made us so welcome and their first book fest ever was wonderful!

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