Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Reasons You Should Be Watching iZombie

If you haven't watched the pilot for iZombie that aired this week, then you need to. The CW network has given me a new show to love and so I dedicate today's Friday Five to five reasons why you should, too!

1. Because it's quirky and created by Rob Thomas and the writers are in a word, awesome. It's funny and poignant and clever and if Veronica Mars married Buffy The Vampire Slayer and gave birth to a suddenly zombie-ized med student named Olivia who wants more out of life than to be the walking dead, then this is what you'd have. And who doesn't want that?

2. Because Liv solves murder mysteries with her fellow morgue examiner (Okay, I do have to say that this makes two shows I follow where the main character finds the best way to hide what he/she really is, is to be an ME and solve mysteries. (I'm looking at you, FOREVER) and a newbie cop and hopefully a host of other Scoobies as the eps build. She helps the helpless. (okay, that was an ANGEL reference). She uses her sudden zombie power of absorbing the memories (and to some extent the personalities) of the cadavers when she munches on their brains for the greater good. (Tastefully. With hot sauce. And chopsticks.)

3. Because it's interspersed with cartoon frames while Liv gives a clever, snarky, and sometimes heartfelt voice over that WORKS.

4. Because Rose McIver rocks it as Olivia! Totally and completely. Platinum hair and zombie pallor and all of it.

5. Because it was totally time to move beyond the Walking Dead and get a girl zombie/hero/med student who can't tell her former boyfriend/almost fiancé that she can't marry him because she is basically dead now and when she gets angry, she can go into super, bad ass chick zombie mode and then watch out bad guys.


Elizabeth said...

Sold. I just wish they hadn't decided to schedule it against SHIELD.

Joy Preble said...

Yes, I know. Same time as SHIELD. But I'm curious to see what you think when you watch!