Friday, August 14, 2015

Five for Friday

Five things I'm passionate about today:

Drinking Sazerac cocktails. Because there's rye whiskey and bitters and some form of absinthe (although not the kind that rots your brain) and it's really pretty:

  • Eating in-season fruit: cherries and plums and grapes and nectarines. Just not watermelon. Unless someone has filled the melon with booze.
  • Going to baseball games. I grew up a few blocks from Wrigley Field in Chicago so I guess baseball is in my blood. The Astros have been doing well this year, although Minute Maid (which originally was called Enron until the Enron scandal) is not Wrigley, but it's an acceptable substitute and it has air conditioning which here in Houston is quite helpful.
  • Grilling. Okay, here in Houston we grill pretty much year round. Burgers. Steaks. More burgers. The occasional piece of fish. And beer. (to drink not grill) Plus it means the husband is cooking which I know is this totally sexist thing, all 'man/fire' but I am okay with it, you know?
  • Getting excited when the stores start stocking school supplies. I don't have a kid in school anymore, but there's just something about all that stuff that sets my heart aflutter. 

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