Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Things

Somewhere back in elementary school, a teacher informed us that you spell Wednesday WED-NES-DAY and I swear that it what goes through my head every time I type it or write it.

In the middle of so much stuff on this middle day of the week. And so in no particular order:

1. It was 106 degrees here in Houston yesterday. Today it will only reach 99 and we're all thinking, "ooh… it's cooling down." All in the perspective, folks.

2. Have not yet seen the IT WASN'T ALWAYS LIKE THIS cover, but my Soho Press editor told me the name of the cover artist and I think maybe I fainted with joy. (when your name is Joy, I guess that's like fainting with yourself?) Anyway! He has done covers for so many of my favorite books. Memorable, awesome, stick in your brain covers!! So I can hardly wait. More soon, I hope.

3. Speaking of IWALT,  it is done like dinner and moving on from copy edits to typesetting and galleys and then people will start reading advanced copies and I am so excited and proud of this book. A girl. A boy. In love and stuck at seventeen, until they lose each other in a terrible tragedy and the 100 year adventure that follows to foil the bad guys and find each other. Plus a bunch of other stuff.

4. Last night was the season finale of RHONY.  Enough of you, Ramona. Enough.

5. In my British and Aussie TV phase, I've discovered The Bletchley Circle. A group of British women who were code breakers during WWII, ten years later, with messy lives, who end up regrouped to solved crimes. It's delightful.

6. That new book I've mentioned, well, it has evaded me for awhile but which I think I may finally have figured out.

7. Did you know there is such a thing as Writer Police Academy?? Like this long weekend where you briefly learn the ropes so you can write about it? Yup. There is such a thing!

More soon. Especially about the end of summer and also about the dog, who today had to be coaxed off the driveway to go for a walk. Her basset hound nose sometimes does her in and she has to be nudged back into big girl bravery.

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