Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Revision cave

Entering revision cave... beware! Had great phone meeting with my ever so brilliant Sourcebooks editor, Lyron Bennett. So much food for thought that honestly, revision cave or not, I took the rest of the day off - swimming/laying around at neighborhood pool, followed by a delightful roasted veggie pizza and two really smooth glasses of Harp at the local faux Irish pub with spouse for our anniversary outing today. Faux in that we're in steamy Texas not Dublin but supposedly the bar is imported from Ireland. Whatever. The Harp was tasty. And hopefully former student who sat us on the patio did not instruct waiter to spit in my pizza. (I'm just saying...) Tomorrow, it's back into the cave with exits only for the ongoing adventure that is mother in law's rehab and eventual return home.

Anyway, I'm really jazzed about this next step. Feeling a little Velveteen Rabbitish - I'm a real author. Yup. Real.

Til next time...

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kim said...

"I'm a real author" - Are you just figuring that out? We've known it for quite some time. :)